Here is a quote from Police Chief Butch Ayers of Gwenett County who fired two police Officers for brutalizing Demetrius Hollins in Gwenett County:  
“The fact of the matter is, the suspect was in handcuffs, the suspect was on the ground, the suspect was not resisting,” he said. “At that point, that’s it. There should have been no other application of force.”
This rule should always be followed, but it is usually not and was not used with George Floyd. 

The George Floyd incident has had a devastating effect on my being.  I don’t and pleads for air to breathe.  I also cannot get the image of the other officer standing in front of him viewing the officer’s behavior as normal and acceptable with no attempt to counsel the kneeling officer on his action. All this because of a counterfeit $20.00 bill, which as Jimmy Kimmel said, Mr. Floyd may not have known was counterfeit. I worked in a bank many years ago and I am not sure that I can easily recognize a counterfeit bill and may be used on innocently. I wasn’t there, but I can still hear Mr. Floyd’s pleas for air ringing in my ear. I broke down in tears, and as I write this article, I am, once again, prone to breaking down.  His face rubbing into the cement sidewalk. The single act of the officers showing some empathy and removing their knees from his neck and back would’ve made a tremendous difference and outcome.

President Obama used to say in many of his speeches on racism, that “This is not who we are,” meaning that this is not America.  I would caution President Obama, Oprah Winfrey or anyone who utters that statement, that they are wrong.  This IS who we are. The statement should be, “This is NOT who WE SHOULD be.” One would think that after all the struggles of MLK, that things would have progressed for the better.  one would think that after having a black president, that there would be change for the better, but that seems to have put us back decades of Sundays. There is a man in office who could not denounce Natzi’s or the KKK nor would he show his taxes, but was bent on denying that President Obama was a citizen of this country and fought to have him show his birth certificate. The latter is what spearheaded him to run for president along with his own jealousy that a black man have the audacity to be president of this country. A well educated man and a great orator who was respected, admired and loved. The man in office can only say regarding Mr. Floyd that what he saw is, “A bad, bad thing,” and that “We’ll have to see after the investigation what should be done.” Despicable.

MLK did not endorse violence. He preached non violent demonstrations, but that song has been sung to a crescendo that has yielded nothing.  People are tired of it and while burnings and violence are extreme and destructive to everyone concerned, it seems to be the only way to get attention and get results.  Burning of the precincts in Minneapolis and other buildings along with demonstrations have resulted in the officer being arrested, otherwise he would’ve gone on to seek and get jobs and continue living his life quietly as would the others while George Floyd’s family grieve in pain.

I am the aunt of a retired police officer and three young black nephews, one of whom is now returning from university in the UK where he earned his BA.  Are we to now worry that this could happen to him or any one of my other nephews?  Yes, damn straight; it is entirely possible.  Should his mother not sleep at night if he’s not at home that she’ll get that phone call about her 6′, 3″ black son? I am sure that Mr. Floyd’s family never thought their son would die this way – less than an animal in the street begging for air, crying in pain that his neck hurt as a white man’s knee is jabbed into his neck, and for what? a stinking, so-called counterfeit $20.00 bill. Emoji

I have many black male friends that this could happen to because one does not have to be guilty of a crime in this country for this to happen.  One only has to be Black, primarily male and in the wrong place at the wrong time faced with the wrong people. Please know that I am not against police. I’ve dated police officers. As stated above, one of my nephews is a retired police officer, my brother-in-law was a police officer, as was his brother, but there is a disrespect for black men in this country that is so prevalent that it’s scary.  Caution your children and make them aware of what could happen even if they’re innocent. This could’ve happened to Christian Cooper in Central Park when an angry white woman used the race card as leverage to call the police because she resented being asked by a black man to do the right thing – leash her dog. It doesn’t matter if you are educated, (as he is), refined, good looking, dressed well, light skin or dark skin, to insensitive racist whites, you are just another nigger and a threat. Yes, I said the ‘n’ word.

There should be a town hall meeting on this issue which should be held in every state.  There should also be reform in the training of police officers, sensitivity training concerning this and other issues such as dealing with people with mental health issues, another problem which police DO NOT know how to handle.  Finally, let’s all get out and vote. I’ve always been an inspector at the polls, I intend to be proactive again this year.

Here are a few victims of police brutality and killings with no convictions and only in a few cases were officers fired:

Ahmaud Arbery – Killed (non-police – racist killing)
Eric Garner – New York – Killed by police
Kevin Matthews  – 2015 – Killed by police
Janet Wilson – 2016 – Killed by police
Keith Childress  – 2016 – Killed by police
Michael Brown  – Ferguson – Killed by police
Botham Jean – Dallas – Killed by police

Breonna Taylor  – Kentucky – Killed by police
Freddie Gray – Baltimore – Killed by police
Trayvon Martin  – 2012 (non police – racist killing)
Tamir Rice – 2014 – Killed by police (12 yo)
Demetrius Hollins – 2017 – Brutalized by police
Rodney King  – 1991 LA – Brutalized by police
James Mincey, Jr. – 1982 – Killed by police
There are many more . . .

I am not famous and I do not have a podium from which to voice my opinion other than this blog, but I feel strongly that we all must do what we can, when we can no matter how small. Caution your children.

Stay well, stay kind, be aware and do what you can.  Join the Obama MBK organization. Join the NAACP organization and lend your voice.

My best,


I recently read an article in AARP about age bias and the affects on older citizens and it has sent me flying to write about it.  Regrettably, I could not find a link for the March 2020 AARP article.  It may not yet be published online, so here is the title:


Yes, I am one of those older citizens who hardly meets the old stereotype, yet I am older. That being said, whether one looks one’s age or not is not the point and should not be a reason to be subjected to age discrimination.  According to the AARP study, despite legislation to eliminate ageism bias, things have not changed because there is no oversight committee to see that legislation is followed.  There is no one to fine companies for breaking the rules or not following regulation.  Even Americans as young as 50-something are being forced to retire. Companies conjure up any reason to replace older, valuable workers with younger ones.  The reasons are many, stemming from wanting more youthful, plumped-skinned, flowing hair, short-dress, sexy workers to not wanting to pay retirement or any owed funds to older workers.  They also seem to think that older workers can’t relate to modern technology or that they went out with the typewriter when it is those same older workers who were involved in the creation of modern technology in the first place.  We are destined to our own destruction less we remember that as long as we are alive, old age will come and the same treatment will be bestowed upon the very same people doing it to us.  The question to ask is this: “Is that what you want for yourselves?  How will you feel when it happens to you, or do you plan on dying before it does?”

Yes, there are those of us who will not be able to function after a certain age, just like some of us will die younger than others and some of us will live to be centenarians, that’s a part of life.  No one is suggesting that companies hire those members of society who may have cerebral dysfunction or physical limitations which do not allow them to work, but for those citizens who are capable, healthy and able to work, there should be no barriers.

I recently had a friend tell me that she really wants to be friends with me because she Continue reading

THE BACHELOR with Peter Weber – 2020

Okay, so here we are in another season of the Bachelor.  I love this show and was really looking forward to watching it; however, I am baffled and uncertain about bringing back Hannah Brown.  Why, oh why would they bring her back to compete with the other girls?  Or is it to raise the ratings and get everyone talking?  I wonder about these shows and what the writers are thinking?  Then they pretend that Hannah is only there because Continue reading


Well, it’s time for the Bachelor and I’m as excited about it as the 20 year olds. What fun, but I am not sure what to think about Colton being a bachelor at his age. WTF!! Who does that in the 21st century?? Colton, I guess.

Good luck to you, Colton. Make it a great show ’cause we’re all watching you.

I’ll be back with more comments later.

Show Cont’d
I’m not surprised that he picked Hannah G.  He was taken with her from the onset.  She possesses an innocent beauty;  a very virgin-like delicate persona, and lovely large eyes.  She’s the IT Girl.  I felt the connection right away.  It came right through the television.  Continue reading

The Voice – 12-17-18

I have been watching The Voice since it’s inception, but I have to say that since Kelly Clarkson joined the team, I am enjoying the show even more.  She has really surprised me with her authenticity and desire to see the contestants succeed.  She’s funny, wicked and wickedly funny as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the entire team, and really enjoyed Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson last season.  Now this season, I am even more thrilled to see the interaction between Jennifer and Kelly, and I especially love it when Kelly locked out Jennifer a few times.  It was hysterical and Jennifer’s reaction was jaw dropping and very comical, but what I really want to chat about are the singers.

In the past, I was p.o’d when some very talented singers got kicked off and, with all due respect to those past winners, I have heard nothing of most of them since then.  However, the singers this season are truly talented and truly amazing, but Kennedy Holmes, at just fourteen years old is an amazing talent.  She is very Whitney-Houston-esque.  If she doesn’t win, I won’t be mad because she’s up against some gifted singers, but for me, she is the winner.  Her pitch, her range and her ability to hold those notes are impressive.  As well, her stage presence and her confidence are not only remarkable, but captivating.  The way she handled herself on stage tonight was like a seasoned singer.  She’s pure star material.  I’m ready to buy tickets to her performance.


Well, so far, Dr. Ford’s testimony seems credible, that the incident may have happened, but it is possible that it may not have been Kavanaugh.  It could easily have been someone else.  If this did in fact happen and it was, in fact, Kavanaugh, we have to consider the age he was when this happened.  He was a 17 year old boy whose brain was not even fully developed.  We have all done stupid things during our teenage years, from drag racing and putting lives at risk, bearing our bodies like so many young people did on the internet and TV shows, now with social media, young people are sending photos of themselves into cyber space, attending spring break parties under drunkenness to committing crimes, some unforgivable.  While some of these things are punishable as they should be because of their seriousness, this is not one of those things and I do not think we should be judging a man who has come so far in his life, made many contributions, built character, created a good, strong family, to be now judged by something that may or may not have happened at age 17.  That is 36 years ago. How do we know that her memory has served her well.  She can’t even remember simple things from very recently at this hearing, how can she remember who attacked her 36 years ago?  Many men have been sent to the gallows by testimony of people who then admitted later on that they made a mistake and identified the wrong person.

In essence, I do not think that Judge Kavanaugh should be judged for something from 36 years ago at age 17.  It is unthinkable that it would even be considered.

United Airlines – or is it Un-United Airlines now

United Airlines isn’t so united after all.

Whew!!  I could watch that video about United Airlines over and over and over; perhaps a thousand times over, and I still can’t wrap my brain around the ill treatment of a passenger by this company.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Dr. David Dao should sue United airlines.  Oftentimes, I have said and many have vocalized the opinion that we have become a very litigious society, but there are instances when a law suit is justified.  This is one of those times.

Today on “CBS Good Morning”, Frank Luntz said that United Airlines should offer Dr. Dao free travel for the rest of his life.  Had the incident not gone as far as it did (perhaps if he was coaxed to deplane or even embarrassed at having to do so), free travel would have been acceptable; but with the explicit video of what happened and the degrading treatment of Dr. Dao, not to mention a broken nose, a bloody face, exposure of his body, and subsequent hospitalization, I doubt that the doctor would be interested in travelling on United ever again.  I wouldn’t!!!

I pose this question:  What is happening in air travel?  It has become scary to board an airline.  Who would guess that when you book a flight, check in and is seated that you can be dragged off by what I call, BULLIES with no common sense, but titles of police. 

I also have an issue with United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz, who first tried to blame Dr. Dao for the occurrence by stating that he was disruptive and belligerent; however, when the video went viral and after threats of boycotting the airline and stock prices plunged did he suddenly wake up and changed his story by apologizing and admitting that what occurred was unacceptable and that the airline was at fault. Really Mr. Munoz!  Were you asleep beneath all the money they pay you hoping that yet another incident would go away making way for more ill treatment of passengers in the future?  Shame on you.

Airlines have totally switched from the friendly skies to the dangerous skies of travel.  Gone are the days when people got dressed or even looked presentable on airlines; steward and stewardesses were truly friendly and helpful; meals were served and everyone was respectful.  Luggage was part of your travel fee as were the seats.  Now we pay for everything from meals, (and most meals are dried up sandwiches and old nuts or pretzels), to luggage, to seats.  What’s next, coins for the bathroom, credit cards, or bring your own potty?  I’m waiting for that one – or perhaps they’ll allow you to travel on the wings of the plane for a good rate and if you fall off, well, that’s your problem.

Shame, Shame, Shame!!!


The Brutality of Some Police

What the hell is going on in America with police?  I am still reeling over the incident where two police officers in Gwinnett County abused a young black man and did it while he was in handcuffs.  Imagine kicking someone in the head on pavement. While it wouldn’t have mattered if the man was black, white or of a different persuasion, the fact that this sort of treatment continues to happen, and happen especially to black men in this country in the face of ongoing controversy, speaks volumes of the disrespect that officers have for black men.

It boggles my mind that officers feel that their badges give them authority to hurt, strike or retaliate brutally against citizens who do not conform to their wishes.  Is it the training of the police academy, the chiefs or just plain ol’ stupidity of these cops? Plain and simple, these cops are criminals in uniform with a badge.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I must say that I applaud Police Chief Butch Ayers for his swift action in firing both of these officers and I use the term officers loosely, trust me.  Ayers said that McDonald later apologized, but there’s a joke about apologies like this one.  Some people feel that it’s better to do the wrong and then apologize later in the hope that it would be accepted and all will be well.  Wrong!!!  There’s an old story about the man who backed up his car in the driveway and ran over someone, then said he didn’t mean it, but the person was already dead. 

Were it not for the cell phone recording, this incident would have gone unnoticed, and recorded as just another black man justifiably mistreated and abused by cops for resisting arrest.

I have police officers in my family from way back when, so I am not against police.  I am just against  BAD police and police who do not adhere to the rules.

Until police departments stop covering up, making excuses and justifying this type of behavior, and until cops are fired and prosecuted, it will continue.

Thank you Chief Ayers for doing the right thing.



A very surprised birthday breakfast thrown for me by some of my colleagues this past June. How lovely of them. Thanks to all of you for making this a very special day.  Every year of good health and good friends is a time to be grateful.

Just saying . . .


Office Birthday Breakfast 2Office Birthday Breakfast 4




By L. Rosamond Richards

© Copyrighted Material


 Dinner at the Scattler’s home was interesting, almost like a ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’ evening. There was a host of family members to meet. Lousaine’s brother, Alex, was there with his wife, Marilyn, and their two kids, Kenneth and Deborah, as was Renata, Celeste’s sister, who had flown in from Idaho with her husband, Mike.

After the introductions were made, they were ushered into the living room where they were served cocktails and hors’ d’oeuvres. Everyone seemed very comfortable, so there was no reason to believe that Annaise would not be accepted into the family.

The butler came in to announce that dinner was ready and escorted them to the formal dining room, which Celeste said, with pride in her voice, that she had designed herself.

Eric was seated at the head of the table and Celeste was at the opposite end. Annaise was seated to Eric’s left which made Barbara a little nervous. She was glad when she noticed her nameplate which placed her near Eric. The food was fabulous, and the conversation was varied. For Annaise and Barbara, there was a plethora of questions, especially from Eric Scattler, but mostly everyone wanted to know how Lousaine and Annaise had met and when the big event would be.

Eric was engaged in conversation with Annaise. Barbara, who was involved in a conversation with Alex, kept peering over to make sure that Annaise was able to handle Eric. When she thought that Eric’s questions were too probing, she diplomatically joined their conversation. She delicately changed the tone by diverting his attention and complimenting him on his home. Then she asked him about his company and its growth from a three-person office to a conglomerate. Eric was a proud man, so when people expressed interest in his company or his work, they got his undivided attention.

“That must have taken hard work and tenacity, especially after such an unfortunate beginning,” she said.

Eric’s face registered surprise. “What do you mean?”

“You know, when one of your partners died suddenly.”

“Oh, that,” Eric said, shrugging. “Things happen, but life must go on.”

Barbara pressed on. “As I recall, he was found dead in his home after three days, and his death was never solved.”

“No, it was not.”

“I remember feeling terrible, wondering how difficult it must’ve been to continue after losing a partner in that way, and how distraught his family must’ve been.”

“It was not easy for any of us, but we had to forge ahead to realize our dream. Sam would have wanted it that way,” Eric said as he twitched uncomfortably.

Lousaine, who had been talking with Renata, turned his attention to his father. “What was that about a partner dying, Dad?”

Annoyed that the conversation was focusing on something long forgotten, Eric huffed and answered, “It’s not conversation fit for the dinner table.”

Lousaine ignored Eric’s answer and restated the question. “Was that about your first partner, Sam Cummings?”

All conversation at the table stopped as everyone looked on. “Yes, it was.”

Barbara was flushed with guilt. She felt responsible for introducing the subject in the first place, but now there was nothing she could do. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. It was an oops moment.

Sensing that his father was uncomfortable, Lousaine tried to lessen the tension by explaining that he was asked about all the partners during an interview for a local magazine.

“Really! What did the interviewer want to know?” Eric asked.

“He was doing a profile on the company and the partners. Who, what, where, when stuff,” Lousaine said as he took a sip of wine. “When I did not mention Sam Cummings, he asked me about him, but I told him that he was a partner at the inception of the company and only for a few years after that, and then he died. I also told him that I was not privy to the details of his death, so he did not pursue it. The reporter was only interested in where we were now and mentioned Sam’s name on the assumption that he was still alive but had left the company.”

“I see,” said Eric.

“I asked you about Sam because I was curious about it and wanted to clarify some information. You said you’d discuss it with me later, but you never did.”

“Some things are better left unsaid,” Eric said dismissively.

Celeste sat quietly taking it all in. Eric eyed her as if asking her to jump in and say something, anything to change the subject, but she said nothing.

Alex chimed in that he’d heard about someone dying in the company when he was much younger, but it had always remained a mystery.

Finally, Celeste asked if anyone wanted dessert and coffee. The conversation turned to other topics and laughter returned to the table. Eric was relieved.

After dessert, Lousaine got up and toasted Annaise, expressing his love to her. He thanked his parents for hosting a magnificent dinner party and his family for welcoming Annaise and Barbara into the Scattler family. They all lifted their glasses in a toast.